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March 18, 2015 (1:00 pm PDT)



IGNITE Talks: What does creativity in education look like to you? 

Kickstart your work to put creativity at the center of what you do. Join leading educators in the creativity space as they present their visions for the future in brief, inspiring IGNITE-style talks. Featured speakers include:

Amy Burvall

Make du Jour - Fostering Creativity on a Daily Basis

I've been a Hawai'i private school teacher for 20 years and am currently on a Theory of Knowledge learning journey with IB Diploma students at Le Jardin Academy. You can find me in various spots on the Web, as I continue the History for Music Lovers project on YouTube, blog about the MOOCS I'm participating in, develop the L3 and VoxBoxED21 projects, or tweet about education and design. I LOVE Remix Culture, Copyright Reform, Media Theory, Typography, Art History, Graphic Design, Cheeky/Whimsical Art and Open Web/Open Culture. I ADMIRE Marshall McLuhan, Henry Jenkins, Michael Wesch, Austin Kleon, Mitch Resnick , Stephen Fry, David Byrne, Jim Groom, Alan Levine, Howard Rheingold, Alejandro Piscitelli, Rick Falkvinge and Larry Lessig, among others. I BELIEVE in the power of humor and music, sharing, and transparency. Create Don't Hate. Dare to Make...and Share.

Jeff Larson

Jeff Larson is an artist, animator and educator at Balboa High School where he's been contributing to the develompent of the CAST Academy, a next-generation career technical education program for the high school. Building on the prinicple that art and design have profound power to make a difference in students' lives, Jeff has dedicated himself to excelling as an educator with technology, collaborating with others (students and teachers alike). As an Adobe Education Leader, Jeff has been actively involved in the Adobe Youth Voices program, helping youth from underserved communities use technology to explore and express their perspectives on issues affecting them and their communities. 


Rafranz Davis is an instructional technology specialist for a Dallas/Fort Worth area school district. As an advocate for passion-based learning, Rafranz uses her experience as a secondary math educator to help teachers integrate technology using innovative teaching strategies aimed at empowering students to be autonomous learners. As a writer and speaker, Davis frequently draws upon her background as a parent and woman of color to offer ideas and insight into how technology can be used in schools to not only break barriers but to provide opportunities and instruments for diverse learners’ voices. Her first book, The Missing Voices in Edtech: Bringing Diversity into Edtech (Corwin Press, January 2015), challenges schools to not only face inherent challenges of lack of diversity in decision making but also take steps aimed at changing it.

Kelly Kermode

Kelly Kermode can be found wearing many hats at Forest Hills Public Schools during the school year, from classroom teacher to web administrator, but she doesn't stop there.  When school isn't in session, she's a trainer and learning consultant, assisting teachers regionally and nationally with new projects and skills development. As an Adobe Education Leader, Kelly contributes her advance expertise in publishing, digital literacy, photography and collaboration by leading online trainings and courses on the Adobe Education Exchange.  

Session Recording

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